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Ran across work by Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto at Robert Tat Gallery here in SF. It was a trio of tiny prints no more than 2″ x 3″ grouped in a constellation inside a shadow box. The images were random and unrelated — a bird, an outstretched hand, a delicate nude — with the old and tattered look of vintage photos.  Yamamoto distresses his prints, often tearing, rumpling and staining them or carrying them around in a pocket. They have the sheen of well-worn objects.

The image above is from his latest series called “Nakazora,” which is a Buddhist term meaning “a state when the feet do not touch the ground, and the space between sky and earth.” The definition fits perfectly. He captures little bits of the universe that float disconnected and pure. More images here and a write-up from the NY Times.


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