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Abner Nolan takes old found negatives and reprints them. There’s not a lot of his work online, but he did do a limited edition book with Trillium called American Negatives which looks like it might be out of print. He will have another limited edition coming out in the next year with These Birds Walk, a photo book subscription series out of Oakland.

Actually, this just in. Todd Wemmer over at Lost and Found Photos stumbled upon a collection of Nolan’s found meat photos in Issue 2 of Meat Paper, a great foodie journal about the “meat zeitgeist.”

And while you’re visiting Lost and Found Photos, take a look around. It’s one of the best resources for found photography.


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Lego My Photo

cartier_bresson1Play around with Mike Stimpson’s Lego reconstructions of classic photographs and see how many you can guess correctly. If you don’t recognize this one, it’s Henri Cartier Bresson’s idyllic “By the Marne River.”

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Kith and Kin

These Birds Walk is a small art book publisher in Oakland whose goal is to “provide affordable art books that quietly exist somewhere between a discarded pamphlet on the street and a high end coffee table book.” They publish an annual limited edition subscription series that includes four books, each from an individual photographer. The latest one is called “The Kin Series” and features books by Mike Brodie, Paul Schiek, Ari Marcopoulos and Jim Goldberg. The next series includes Todd Hido, Marianne Mueller, Abner Nolan and Alec Soth. Sign up and you’ll get small doses of good photos four times a year.

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