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cassandra_jones.jpgCassandra C. Jones weaves mundane found photos into intricate floral tapestries. She takes images of cheerleaders in mid-cheer, hands and legs flying out in a whirlwind of exuberant gestures, and diffuses all of that overeager, adolescent energy into beautiful pinwheels of color and form. It takes a close inspection to see the details of what at first just looks like beautiful wallpaper.

In another series, she re-imagines an icon of kitsch—the pink lawn flamingo—into what appears to be exotic tropical orchids.

She’s also created what she calls snap motion re-animations, flipbooks really, for which she gathers hundreds of clichéd postcard images—sunsets, moons, soaring birds—then transforms them into stop-motion animations where suns and moons rise and set and birds take flight.


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valentine_stools.jpgEmilie Valentine started photoblogging before anyone even knew what the word “blog” meant. In 1995, she began a weekly online photo journal called “Snap City” in which she captured atmospheric slices of San Francisco on b&w film, developed the prints, usually about 4-6, and published them to the web with snappy captions—a hint of what Flickr would become. The fact that she was able to pull this off without the easy tools of digital photography now seems both quaint and amazing.

Her images favor a certain nostalgia for the 50s and 60s. She haunted cafés in North Beach, dive bars in the Mission, snapping up shadows of another era—neon signs, movie marquees, bars lined with cocktails and cigarettes, old-time diners with their solid functional dishware and the camaraderie of a row of stools.

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