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Panoramic images usually take as their subject big things like canyons, mighty rivers, landscapes, long lineups of people or parades — things that don’t fit into a normal viewfinder. Aaron Hobson takes the panoramic lens and uses it to zoom in on his subjects, blowing intimate scenes up into bigger than life closeups — like this photo of a cowboy in a convertible where you feel you’re the passenger in the back seat of an immense, mythical car.

He combines the cryptic staging of a Cindy Sherman image with the distorted lens of a funhouse mirror.  The Morning News published an interview with Hobson recently.


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Sky Writer

rienermann.jpgApparently it started with the “Q.” German artist Lisa Rienermann was in a Barcelona courtyard when she looked up and saw not sky, but the sky as it looked between buildings—in the shape of a letter. Check out the whole alphabet.

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